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Professional Handling and Capture of Small Animals

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About the Workshop

About this 2 hour workshop:

Professional Handling and Capture of Small Animals (Field Officers)

The animal care and control industry is rapidly expanding across the state, bringing additional services to ever more communities, species, and individual animals. For field services professionals this expansion is both exciting and overwhelming. As our understanding of the role that capture, handling, and stress play in the welfare and outcomes of animals improves, we must continue to evolve our tools and techniques to keep pace. The pathway of all animals begins at first contact in the field, and we cannot downplay the importance each of us plays in getting the best possible outcome.

John Peaveler brings 18 years of global experience to this session on Professional Handling and Capture of Small Animals. With lessons from as far away as China and the Middle East, John will highlight key considerations for a wide-variety of small animals with sections including: Ethics, Welfare, and Stress, Small Animal Behavior, Safety and Small Animals, Tools, and Techniques for Handling and Capture of Cats and Other Small Animals, all with a specific emphasis on field work.


John Peaveler

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