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Kelly Campbell


Director, San Diego County Department of Animal Services

Kelly Campbell joined the County of San Diego's Department of Animal Services as Director in March of 2020. She has held various leadership roles with large national animal welfare nonprofits since 2011. With an early career in operations team leadership and an analytical approach to tackling tough animal welfare challenges, Kelly sees the companion animal homelessness issue as a complex, multivariable equation - and if we can identify the right variables, community by community, and target our resources to address them, we can effect positive change at scale. Prior to her current role with the County of San Diego, Kelly spent nearly a decade leading strategic planning and finance teams with both PetSmart Charities and the ASPCA. In her tenure with PetSmart Charities, Kelly negotiated the transfer of a former puppy mill-sourced pet store into an adoption center at an upscale retail venue featuring pets from the Arizona Animal Welfare League, which has seen more than 10,000 cats and dogs adopted at that location in the past ten years. While serving as Senior Director of Shelter Research & Development with the ASPCA, she provided data-driven support and an evidence-based approach to developing, implementing, and measuring grant and program activities to help save lives across all ASPCA Mission Orange communities, impacting hundreds of thousands of sheltered and community animals.


Originally from Philadelphia, Kelly has lived in major metro areas across the country and has taken an active role in supporting animal welfare efforts in each community through both professional and volunteer service. Kelly holds a BA in International Relations from Ursinus College and an MBA from Cornell University. She shares her home with a 93 lb. mastiff named Fezzik and a rotating cast of foster cats.


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