CalAnimals recognizes that playing an active role in Sacramento is a vital part of ensuring the welfare of California's animals and the communities we serve. Since 2009, we have retained a professional legislative advocate who works on behalf of our members to ensure that we have a voice in legislation affecting animal shelters as well as our state's animals, whether stray, homeless, or abused animals. 


In addition to sponsoring legislation creating substantive protections for animals, such as bills that banned the roadside sales of animals, established minimum standards for pet boarding facilities, placed restrictions on the ability of flea markets to allow sales of animals, and established a voluntary tax checkoff to benefit homeless and abused animals, CalAnimals actively supports sensible animal-related legislation. In addition, CalAnimals works with sponsors and legislators to improve animal-related bills and actively opposes bills that are not in the best interests of California's animals and the communities we serve.


New & Pending Legislation
Updated (9/10/2020)

AB-2152 Prohibition on Retail Sales of Dogs and Cats

2020 Bill

This bill would prohibit pet stores from selling dogs, cats, or rabbits.

SB-573 Dogs & Cats: Microchips

2020 Bill

All dogs and cats adopted or returned to owners must be microchipped with current owner's information.

SB – 245 Public Animal Shelters: Adoption Fees: Veterans

New Law Effective 1/1/20

This law prohibits public animal shelters from charging an adoption fee for a dog or cat if the adopter’s valid license or identification card indicates they are veteran.

AB - 588 Dog Bite Disclosures

New Law Effective 1/1/20

This law requires shelters and rescues to disclose in writing any known bite from a dog age 4 months+ that breaks skin and the circumstances relating to the bite.

AB - 1125 Animal Control Officer Standards Act

New Law Effective 1/1/20

Creates voluntary standards for the certification of Animal Control Officers. Requires CalAnimals to develop and maintain standards for a program to certify animal control officers. This includes completing at least 20 hours of a course in animal care and at least 40 hours of a course in state laws relating to the powers and duties of ACOs. Fees will be established by CalAnimals to manage these responsibilities.

AB 128 - Horse Protection

New Law Effective 1/1/20

Requires written bill of sale and sworn statement that the horse purchased at a public or private auction is not being purchased for slaughter.

SB 397 – Public Transit Operators: passengers with pets: evacuation orders

New Law Effective 1/1/20

This law requires that OES and CDFA develop best practices for allowing pets on public transit vehicles serving areas subject to an evacuation order.

AB 169 - Guide, signal, and service dogs: injury or death

New Law Effective 1/1/20

This law expands the scope or restitution to include medical expenses, loss of wages, and replacement costs to any person convicted of injuring or killing a service animal.

AB 415 - Victim compensation: relocation: pets

New Law Effective 1/1/20

This law includes in victim compensation expenses incurred for temporary housing of any pets belonging to the victim.

AB 44 - Fur Products Prohibition

New Law Effective 1/1/20

This law makes it unlawful to sell, offer for sale, display for sale, trade, or distribute a fur product in this state.

AB - 1254 Bobcat Bill

New Law Effective 1/1/20

This bill makes it unlawful to hunt, trap, or otherwise take a bobcat, except under specified circumstances, including under a depredation permit.

AB – 1553 Animal Impoundment

New Law Effective 1/1/20

This law cleans up language in existing code with more current, appropriate terms.“Pound” is now changed to “animal shelter,” “poundkeeper” to “shelter director,” “pound officer” to “animal control officer,” “destroyed” to “euthanized,” and any reference to him/her has been removed.

SB – 787 Committee on Agriculture: Animal Welfare

New Law Effective 1/1/20

This law replaces the terms “pound” and “poundmaster” with “animal shelter” and “sheltermaster or shelter director,” respectively. References to the State Humane Association of California and the California Animal Control Directors Association are replaced with the California Animal Welfare Association to reflect the merger of the two entities.

SB – 781 Public Safety Omnibus

New Law Effective 1/1/20

This law repeals Section 597f of the Penal Code and updates cross-references to that law in other code sections to instead refer to Section 597.1 of the Penal Code.


AB – 611 Sexual Abuse of Animals

New Law Effective 1/1/20

This law closes loophole to make any sexual act with an animal a crime. The law authorizes seizure of animal victims and add sexual abuse to the list of offenses that would prohibit the person from owning, caring for, etc. animals for a specified period of time after conviction.


AB - 1565 Stray Cats: Adoption: Kittens

New Law Effective 1/1/20

This law authorizes a kitten under 8 weeks of age that is reasonably believed to unowned to be available immediately for adoption beginning on the day on which the kitten is seized, taken up, or impounded through the entire holding period. Please note: “(B) Nothing in this paragraph supersedes or otherwise limits the requirements in Section 31751.3 or Sections 31760 to 31762, inclusive, to ensure that a kitten sold, given away, or transferred to a new owner is or will be spayed or neutered."

SB – 313 Circus Cruelty Prevention Act

New Law Effective 1/1/20

Prohibits a person from using any animal other than a domestic dog, domestic cat, or domesticated
horse in a circus in this state.

SB – 637 Prevention of Animal Homelessness and Cruelty Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund

New Law Effective 1/1/20

This law permits humane societies and SPCAs providing animal control services for a local public agency to receive funds from the program and also requires that the department report on its website the process for awarding money and itemization of how funds were awarded.

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