CalAnimals recognizes that playing an active role in Sacramento is a vital part of ensuring the welfare of California's animals and the communities we serve. Since 2009, we have retained a professional legislative advocate who works on behalf of our members to ensure that we have a voice in legislation affecting animal shelters as well as our state's animals, whether stray, homeless, or abused animals. 


In addition to sponsoring legislation creating substantive protections for animals, such as bills that banned the roadside sales of animals, established minimum standards for pet boarding facilities, placed restrictions on the ability of flea markets to allow sales of animals, and established a voluntary tax checkoff to benefit homeless and abused animals, CalAnimals actively supports sensible animal-related legislation. In addition, CalAnimals works with sponsors and legislators to improve animal-related bills and actively opposes bills that are not in the best interests of California's animals and the communities we serve.


New & Pending Legislation
CalAnimals enthusiastically supports Governor Newsom’s proposal to include $45 million in our state budget to provide support for an animal shelter grant program at the UC Davis Shelter Medicine Program.

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Updated (5/25/2021)

AB 468

2021 Bill - SUPPORT

Emotional support dogs.

AB 1282

2021 Bill - SUPPORT

Veterinary medicine: blood banks for animals.

SB 344

2021 Bill - SUPPORT

Homeless shelters grants: pets and veterinary services.

SB 547

2021 Bill - SUPPORT

Animals: emergency response: California Veterinary Emergency Team program.

AB 253

2021 Bill - SUPPORT

Animal welfare.