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Responding to Disasters: Lessons Learned

Thur. June 2, 10-11am (PST)

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Bryan Bray, Ventura County Animal Services, Henry Brzezinski, El Dorado County Animal Services, Cindy Machado, Marin Humane, Ryan Soulsby, Butte County Animal Services, and Brian Whipple, Sonoma County Animal Services

Please join us while members of the CalAnimals Emergency Management Committee discuss lessons learned in responding to major disasters. Navigating the evacuation, care, and reunification of animals during disasters is challenging and leaders who have faced these situations have learned a great deal in the process. Sometimes things go right, sometimes wrong, and we often discover ways to do better. During this session you'll hear from our experts around the state and walk away with tips to ensure that your organization and community are prepared.

Finder to Foster to Adoption: Keeping Animals in the Community

Thur. June 16, 10-11am (PST)

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Bruce Wagman, Attorney, and Cindi Delaney, DVM

In the right situations, stray animals found by community members can be quickly and legally moved from stray to foster status, and then adopted out, without ever entering local shelters. While shelter personnel involvement is integral to this process, the burdens on shelters, and the stressors to the animals, can be reduced to a minimum. There has been some confusion about the right (legal) way to run such a program, as well as how to do it with the greatest chance of success for animals, in a short time frame, and with minimal impact on the shelter staff and community. This webinar will lay out best practices for “Foster-Finder” programs, that will benefit all involved.

Responding to Wildlife Emergencies

Thur. June 30, 10-11am (PST)

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Rebecca Dmytryk, Wildlife Emergency Services

This presentation, generously sponsored by the National Animal Care & Control Association (NACA), will cover the basics of responding to wildlife emergencies, from taking calls to field response and final disposition. This one-hour talk is a sampling of the in-depth modules we hope to be offering in the fall, which will prepare shelter staff and officers for handing wildlife emergencies. Rebecca Dmytryk, has worked in the field of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation for over 40 years and is the author of Wildlife Search and Rescue: a Guide for First Responders. This sampling of her 8-hour course includes how and why responding to wildlife differs from domestic animal calls, from dispatch to field, tools, and the law; understating stress and how to limit it; considerations for human safety, the animal’s welfare and increasing your potential for a successful outcome; basic capture strategies; a quick look at handing nuisance complaints.

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Chantalle Little
Available Free for a Limited Time

Open Adoptions & Adoption Counseling Essentials
SLIDES, if available


Susie Aguilar and Leah Long

Kitten Intake Diversion
SLIDES, if available


Jen Adkins and Jenn Stone

Community Cat Program, Intake, Eligibility, and Returns
SLIDES, if available


Micheal Hildebrandt

Saving Lives Using Maps
SLIDES, if available


Grant Goodwin, DocuPet

Licensing Best Practices - Increase Revenue & Compliance


Sarah Aguilar
Rory Adams

Turning Data Into Insight
SLIDES, if available


Staci Hurley
Ryan Hinderman

Humane at Home - Virtualizing Engagement
& Lost2Found Texting
SLIDES, if available


Melanie Sadek

The Ins & Outs of Perception: Crafting the Culture and Brand of your Organization
SLIDES, if available


Cristie Kamiya, DVM

Pediatric Spay & Neuter: Down to 1.5 lbs


Jim Houpt
Gina Knepp

Fundraising for Public Shelters and the 501(c)(3)s that Support Them
SLIDES, if available


Brenton Minish
Andrew Gillies
Julie Ryan-Johnson, DVM

PetPro Connect - Telemedicine Platform from BI
SLIDES, if available


Grant Goodwin, Docupet

Your Pet Licensing Report Card
SLIDES, if available


Jenn Stone and Susie Aguilar

Community Cat Complaint Mitigation
SLIDES, if available


Lisa Martin & Allie Mayer

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Shelby L. Clark, Esq.

Service Dogs and the Law


Brandy Kuentzel
Bruce Wagman

Shelter Law - Holding Periods, Shelter PALS CA


Brandy Kuentzel
Bruce Wagman

Shelter Law - Shelter Intake, Shelter PALS CA


Jace Huggans
Michael Hildebrandt

Interacting with Diverse Communities: Cultural Beliefs
SLIDES, if available


Darlene Blackman
Kaitlynn Navarro

Pet Safety Net


Jessica Mielke

Mitigating Risk: Common Claims Against Shelters, Dog Bites, Foster Liability, and More
SLIDES, if available


Cindi Delaney, DVM

Fear Free for Shelters & Veterinary Clinics (Part 1 of 2)
SLIDES, if available


Sara Kent

Your Data Counts - Ideas and Tools to Activate Data
SLIDES, if available


Alesha Davidson and Jenn Stone

Cat Handling & Behavior
SLIDES, if available


Jen Adkins and Alesha Davidson

Managed and Diverted Intake
SLIDES, if available


Grant Goodwin, CEO, Docupet

So What is Docupet Anyway?
SLIDES, if available


Gina Knepp
Julie Bank
Rebecca Guinn
Shelly Simmons
Shyanne Schull

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Ryan Soulsby
John Peaveler

Preparing for Disasters
SLIDES, if available


Brandy Kuentzel
Bruce Wagman

Shelter Law - Community Cats, Shelter PALS CA


Bobby Mann
Ellen Jefferson, DVM
Brenda Barnette
Gina Knepp
Gary Weitzman, DVM
Ann Dunn

Humane Animal Social Services (HASS)
SLIDES, if available


Kate Hurley, DVM
Cindi Delaney, DVM

Putting the Cat Back


Mandy Evans

Rehoming Programs
SLIDES, if available


Cindi Delaney, DVM

Fear Free for Shelters & Veterinary Clinics (Part 2 of 2)
SLIDES, if available


April Harris, CAWA

Bridging the Gap: Understanding Adopter Expectations, Perception and Reality
SLIDES, if available

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