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Preparing for Disasters: Review of the new CalAnimals Organizational Disaster Prep Checklist

Thursday, May 13, 9:30-10:30am

Ryan Soulsby, Butte County Animal Control, and John Peaveler, San Diego Humane Society

The CalAnimals Emergency Management Committee has created an organizational checklist to help your agency prepare for disasters that affect your community. This robust document offers a lot of great points for consideration and sample documents to assist you. Disaster preparedness experts Ryan Soulsby from Butte County Animal Control and John Peaveler from San Diego Humane Society are offering this webinar to walk us through it and answer your questions.

Download the Organizational Disaster Prep Checklist from our Resource Library.

We extend our HUGE thanks to Hill’s Pet Nutrition for their generous sponsorship of this important resource!

SF SPCA Shelter PALS Shelter Laws: CA State Holding Periods

Friday, May 21, 10-11am (PST)

SF SPCA’s Shelter PALS program, Brandy Kuentzel and Bruce Wagman

Despite being central to animal shelter operations, holding periods are unfortunately are an area of deep confusion. If you have ever wanted help deciphering the many different applicable laws, unfunded mandates, and sometimes confusing legal language related to state holding periods in California shelters – well, you’re not alone. You’re also in luck with an exciting new resource!

Join us as lead attorneys from SF SPCA’s Shelter PALS program, Brandy Kuentzel and Bruce Wagman, discuss California’s legal framework and clarify a shelter’s legal requirements for holding periods for dogs and cats in the state. This 1-hour webinar will help shelters optimize welfare and lifesaving in their own communities. All types of shelters operating in California – public, private, and hybrid – are encouraged to attend.

Check back soon for more Live Webinars!

CAWA  Recertification CEs

California Animal Welfare Association (CalAnimals) is an approved provider of content which enhances professional competence and aligns with the 5 domains of the CAWA (Certified Animal Welfare Administrator) Exam specifications. Every hour of training equals 1 CE towards CAWA Recertification.

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