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These upcoming webinars are free to our member organizations!

This includes their staff and volunteers.

**Please note: CalAnimals webinars and trainings are for informational purposes only. Please check with your own municipality, legal counsel, and/or veterinarian to determine which activities are appropriate for your agency.**

Animal Shelter Safety: Proven Strategies to Reduce Serious Bites and Other Risks

Thurs., Sept. 28, 2023
10-11:00am (PT)

Kristen Hassen, Outcomes Consulting

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This session is a follow up with time for all your questions to the September 21st webinar, Animal Shelter Safety: Proven Strategies to Reduce Serious Bites and Other Risks

Please view this recording prior to this new webinar for questions.

When shelters are full, they're at higher risk of safety-related incidents including falls, serious bites, and dog-to-dog altercations. Shelters often respond to safety incidents by increasing euthanasia, restricting animal movement, or introducing reactive rules and policies. Unfortunately, these measures do not address the underlying problems causing safety incidents, so they're unlikely to be effective over the medium and long term.

The good news is there are lots of proactive steps animal shelters can take to improve safety and reduce risk. In this session, we'll use real-life examples of dog bites, injuries, and other safety incidents to explore the roots of what went wrong and what corrective actions will help. We'll specifically cover:
• The role of shelter rounds in maintaining and improving shelter safety
• Kennel safety/fight interruption equipment and maintenance
• Kennel enrichment to improve safety
• Quick and easy safety training for staff and volunteers
• Pre-contact disclosure protocol for staff and volunteers
• Locks vs. carabiners: which one is actually safer?
• The risks and benefits of cohousing dogs

This session is fast-paced and interactive and will leave attendees feeling empowered to create a culture of safety in their organization.

Decoding Compliance:
What You Need to Know about Controlled Drugs and Premises Permits in Your Shelter

Wed. Oct. 11, 2023
10-11:30am (PT)

Bruce Wagman and Cindi Delany, DVM

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Renowned Animal Welfare Legal Expert and lead counsel for SF SPCA's Shelter Pals Program, Bruce Wagman, and animal sheltering visionary Cindi Delany, DVM, Director of Online Learning for Maddie’s Million Pet Challenge at the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program, are teaming up to simplify, distill, and deliver the essential knowledge you need and answer your questions. This event will empower you to address challenges and navigate the intricate landscape of drug and premises permit regulations. Special thanks to CalAnimals for hosting this live event.

Explore the Topics:

● Understanding Legal Dynamics: Gain valuable access to the inner workings of the legal landscape governing medical and euthanasia services in shelters. Discover the transformative impact of comprehending these roles on the quality of care you provide.

● Decoding Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) & Veterinary Medical Board (VMB) Roles: Untangle regulations around controlled substances, enhance your understanding of premises permits, and gain insight into the role of premises permit holders, with a focus on compliance.

● Strengthen Your Team: Gain insights into the diverse roles of licensed and unlicensed staff in delivering top-tier medical care within shelters. Equip your team with knowledge that will directly amplify care quality.

● Facilitate Access to Medical Care in Shelters: Explore actionable solutions! Master the art of collaboration with regulatory agencies and opening pathways for advanced medical care for animals in your shelter and community.

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Kate Hurley, DVM
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Putting the Cat Back
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