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Humane at Home - Virtualizing Engagement PLUS Lost2Found Texting Program

Thursday, November 18, 10-11am (PST)

Staci Hurley, San Diego Humane Society
Ryan Hinderman, Front Street Animal Shelter

Humane at Home – Virtualizing Engagement!
Staci Hurley of San Diego Humane society will share their experience in pivoting programs to engage both internal (staff and volunteers) and external (community) stakeholders. They have found success offering a live, ongoing webinar series for staff and volunteers that is targeted to initiatives, relevant information and has hosted guest speakers. Their kids camp is now virtual and they are offering a weekly live series “Humane at Home, virtual adoption events and more!".

Ryan Hinderman of Front Street Animal Shelter will share details about their Lost2Found texting program that helps reunite owners with their lost pets. This program won the Petco Foundation’s Innovation Showdown and is now being implemented in shelters around the country.

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