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CalAnimals is California’s statewide association for animal care and control agencies, SPCAs, humane societies, and other animal welfare organizations. With more than 250 active members, CalAnimals exists to support these organizations in successfully meeting the needs of animals and people in their communities through education, training, collaboration, certification, and legislative advocacy. Sponsors of CalAnimals are true partners in this endeavor, ensuring our members have access to these critical resources.


In lieu of a large annual conference, CalAnimals is providing year-round training opportunities that will effectively reach and engage more animal welfare professionals statewide. This translates to an excellent opportunity for sponsors to engage with our members, understand their needs, and align products, services, and support to help us collectively advance the animal welfare industry. CalAnimals member organizations employ thousands of professionals and represent hundreds of millions of budget dollars spent annually.

How will you engage with the animal welfare community this year?

Please review our sponsorship opportunities for FY 2023/2024.

Some of these opportunities are limited, so reserve your selection as soon as possible.


We look forward to working with you as you form meaningful connections with California’s animal welfare professionals.

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