CalAnimals provides trainings throughout the year for California animal welfare professionals. Our annual Animal Care Conference draws over 500 attendees who gather to learn, network, and develop information and skills to bring back to their work. Our Animal Law Enforcement Training Academies, in partnership with Marin Humane and San Diego Humane Society, are the go-to training programs for animal control officers and humane officers throughout California. Additionally, we provide one-day trainings and webinars.
Below, you will also see euthanasia trainings provided by Renee Harris (Top2Cats Consulting) and Kim Lanham-Snyder (Marin Humane), instructors we have certified.

Animal Care Conference 2018, Long Beach

Animal Care Conference 2021

April 11-13 (Sun-Tue)

(Pre-Conference Workshops on Sat, April 10 )

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Hilton Long Beach

Animal Care Conference 2020, Sheltering at Home, CA

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Each year, CalAnimals hosts the California Animal Care Conference. Unique to the ACC, the conference offers five tracks: Behavior and Training, Law Enforcement & Field Services, Shelter Medicine, Sheltering & Outreach, and Leadership.

In 2019, we held two all-day pre-conference workshops: #AllTheCats Summit and Advanced Interview & Interrogation Techniques. Sessions in the other tracks included What is a Marginal Dog and What Should We Do With Them?, Multi-disciplinary Effort to Catch a Serial Cat Killer, Treating the Entire Animaland Interacting Wtih increasingly Diverse Communities.  Our plenary session spotlighted the Camp Fire and Other Disasters: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. 
This yearly event brings together animal control officers, humane officers, animal care attendants, behaviorists, humane educators, shelter directors, veterinarians, RVTS, customer service representatives, all law enforcement personnel, and other animal-sheltering professionals. Continuing education for veterinarians, RVTs, and humane officers are provided.

2017 Animal Law Enforcement Training Academy, Marin Humane

Animal Law Enforcement Training Academy

Marin Humane
San Diego Humane Society

Animal Law Enforcement Training Academy (Advanced)

Marin Humane


The Advanced Law Enforcement Training Academy is an intensive forty-hour study of investigation procedures as they relate to California anti-cruelty and anti-neglect laws.  The Academy includes topics such as search warrants, evidence collection and preservation, crime scene photography, advanced report-writing, court case preparations, and crime scene scenario investigations.  Students should be prepared to conduct an actual investigation, take photographs, write reports, collect evidence, testify, and participate in a mock court hearing and trial. 

The Academy is intended to provide the 40 hours of training in California humane laws related to the powers and duties of a humane officer required for continuing education and training as a humane officer under California Corporations Code section 14502. 

Please note that the final decision as to whether a course satisfies the training requirements for humane officer appointment rests with the superior court charged with confirming the appointment.

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Euthanasia Training

When necessary, shelter staff may euthanize animals if they have completed a curriculum of at least eight hours of training as specified in the Euthanasia Training Curriculum published by the State Humane Association of California (SHAC) and the Animal Control Directors Association (CACDA) (now Cal Animals). The training must be provided by a veterinarian, RVT, or instructor certified by CACDA/SHAC (Cal Animals). Class size is limited and pre-registration is required. ​​



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