CalAnimals provides trainings throughout the year for California animal welfare professionals. Our Animal Care Conferences have drawn over 700 attendees who gather to learn, network, and develop information and skills to bring back to their work. Our Animal Law Enforcement Training Academies, in partnership with Marin Humane and San Diego Humane Society, are the go-to training programs for animal control officers and humane officers throughout California. Additionally, we provide one-day trainings and webinars.
Below, you will also see euthanasia trainings provided by Renee Harris (Top2Cats Consulting) and Kim Lanham-Snyder (Marin Humane), instructors we have certified.

Education & Training Resources


Safe Capture - Chemical Immobilization

Hosted by San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Academy

Sept. 21-23, 2021 Virtual


This training provides the most complete, up-to-date  instruction available on chemical immobilization of animals, presented  in an easy-to-understand manner that is applicable to all experience  levels. The instructors are veterinarians and biologists who specialize  in remotely-delivered anesthetic agents. This program, which has  historically been considered by many to be the standard in chemical  immobilization training, is now part of San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance  Academy.

Typical Course Agenda:

  Day One
     Introduction/General Considerations
     Medication Delivery Techniques
     Capture Pharmacology
     Dart Lab Video Presentation

  Day Two
     Species Specific Drug Dosages & Volume Calculations           
     Approach, Post Capture Care & Anesthesia Monitoring                
     Medical Emergencies               
     Human Safety and Accidental Human Exposure

This course is approved by CalAnimals for 16 CE hours for Certified Animal Control Officers and Humane Officers. **This course does not meet CCR Section 2039.5 for Animal Control Officer and Humane Officer Training. Four hours of training by a CA licensed veterinarian must be completed to obtain certification in chemical capture.**


Bat Basics

Hosted by Bat World Sanctuary

Aug. 26, 2021 or Sept 22, 2021, 9am- 2pm (PST) Virtual


This program introduces animal care and animal services professionals to the most unique and misunderstood animals on the planet – bats.  As humans expand their footprint on the landscape, bats come into contact with the public with increasing frequency. Animal Services agencies, shelters, veterinary clinics, and nuisance wildlife control operators need to be properly educated and equipped to handle these animals safely, and to provide accurate information to the public about them.

Topics include basic information about bats and their role in the environment, public health and safety issues, rabies, safe capture and handling, eviction and exclusion of bats in human-occupied structures, and White Nose Syndrome.

For more information, please contact:

This course is approved by CalAnimals for 4 CE hours for Certified Animal Control Officers and Humane Officers.


Shelter Behavior with Kelley Bollen

NEW START DATE is Oct. 14th. * Hosted by CalAnimals

Live Oct. 14-Nov. 18, (5 Thursdays, 1 Wednesday), 11:00-12:30 (PST) Virtual


6 week Shelter Behavior Seminar with Kelley Bollen, MS, CABC 

All shelter staff and volunteers will benefit from this excellent learning opportunity. Member pricing for the entire seminar is just $60 per person.

Recordings will be available until January 15, 2022. 

Member organizations may receive a Group Discount when registering 10 or more. 


***NEW DATES!!!!***

         Thur. Oct. 14 - Resolving Common Behavior Problems

         Thur. Oct. 21 - Intake and Adoptions – A Behavior Perspective

         Thur. Oct. 28 - Reading Dog and Cat Body Language

         Thur. Nov. 4 - Canine Behavior Assessments and Disposition Decision-Making

        *Wed. Nov. 10 - Behavior Modification in the Shelter

         Thur. Nov. 18-  Enrichment in the Shelter


Animal Law Enforcement Training Academy (Basic)

Hosted by San Diego Humane Society

Oct. 18-29, 2021 Virtual


The Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy includes 80 hours (ten days) of study on such topics as animal care, impound procedures, animal fighting, elements of a crime, investigation, rules of evidence, law enforcement, report writing, search and seizure, laws of arrest, the veterinarian‘s role, legal procedures, court demeanor and testifying, civil and criminal liability, humane laws, and child abuse.

The Academy is intended to provide the 20 hours of training in animal care required for appointment as a humane officer and the 40 hours of training in California humane laws related to the powers and duties of a humane officer required for appointment and continuing education and training as a humane officer under California Corporations Code section 14502.

Please note that the final decision as to whether a course satisfies the training requirements for humane officer appointment rests with the superior court charged with confirming the appointment.

For more information about San Diego Humane Society's Humane Academy, contact


Humane Law Enforcement Academy Training Class

Hosted by The United States Service Command, Animal Rescue Services

January 24 - February 4, 2022, 8am-5pm


In-person in La Mesa, CA.

This Academy is intended to provide the 20 hours of training in animal care and 40 hours of training in California humane laws under California Corporations Code section 14502.

The Cost of the Training Class is just $450. Visa/Master Card accepted.






Various Dates and Locations (see below)

Euthanasia Training

When necessary, shelter staff may euthanize animals if they have completed a curriculum of at least eight hours of training as specified in the Euthanasia Training Curriculum published by the California Animal Welfare Association (CalAnimals). The training must be provided by a veterinarian, RVT, or instructor certified by (CalAnimals). Class size is limited and pre-registration is required. Email the instructors for more information on scheduling a training convenient for you.

     Renee's courses are currently virtual with the hands-on component scheduled for an agreed-upon date, time, and location

Hands-On & Examination in Roseville - Sept. 17

Hands-On & Examination in San Diego - Sept. TBD

Kim's courses are currently virtual with the hands-on component scheduled for an agreed-upon date, time, and location.



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