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Coyote Response in an Urban Landscape

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About the Workshop

Best Practices for Coyote Response in an Urban Landscape

This workshop will prepare first responders and government agency personnel for situations involving coyotes. Instructors will identify and discuss various response strategies and identify which methods are effective, and which have limitations and challenges. They will review the importance and value of adopting and implementing a Coyote Response Plan, and describe  essential standard operational procedures (SOPs).


The first component of this training workshop will introduce the foundational components for understanding coyote, including the ecology and biology of the species; appropriate language and vocabulary applied to coyote behavior; and deconstructing common myths.

  The second component will examine the most common human-coyote conflicts and how to effectively respond, including initial contact with the reporting party (RP), data collection, and emerging biosecurity considerations for field responders. Additionally, participants will be provided comprehensive, best-practice field instruction for Aversion Conditioning (humane hazing).


Rebecca Dmytryk
Lesley Sampson

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60 days

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