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De-escalation and Crisis Management

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About the Workshop

De-escalation and Crisis Management for Animal Control and Animal Shelter Employees

Those working in Animal Control and at Animal Shelters encounter potentially hostile situations with humans on a daily basis.  How do we manage those situations and prevent them from escalating?  How do we ensure our own tone, words and body language aren’t the reason for the escalation in the first place? Additionally, how do we navigate humans experiencing crisis and traumatic events with empathy while ensuring compliance?  In this presentation you will learn valuable techniques in preventing conflict escalation and ideally resolving those conflicts peacefully. By slowing things down, creating space, changing our own body language, asking open ended questions and building rapport we can effectively diffuse most situations peacefully while also helping serve the community.


Todd Stosuy
Field Services Mgr, Santa Cruz Co.

On-Demand Rental available:

60 days

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