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Horses, Cattle, Small Ruminant Series

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About the Workshop

Presenter: Claudia Sonder, DVM, President Napa CART, Associate Napa Valley Equine Clinic


Part 1 - Horse Care and Tips for Investigations, Recording = 1 hour, 43 minutes

This session is an introduction to basic horse care and husbandry. It covers minimum standards of care for horses including feed and water, nutrition, body condition scoring, shelter, space and sanitation. We will also discuss basic health care including vaccines, de-worming, hoof care, dental care and grooming. Safe transportation practices for horses will be included. We will provide an overview of the signs of neglect and cruelty, along with what officers should look for when investigating a complaint. Finally, we review tips for investigations, when the officer should call a vet and what would constitute a situation requiring immediate seizure. There will be time for questions during and at the end of the Live Zoom session.

Part 2 - Equine Safety, Handling, & First Aid and Equine Pasture Safety, Recording = 1 hour, 26 minutes

  • Equine safety and first aid, field tips for equine assessment

  • For emergency animal rescuers - safely evacuate multiple horses from a field, remove a single horse from a herd, recognize horse herd behavior, and stay safe with horses in a group setting

Part 3 - Small Ruminant Safety Handling and Assessing Cattle in Emergency Situations, Recording = 1 hour

  • Keep yourself safe when approaching, catching, handling small ruminants

  • What to look for when approaching and assessing cattle in emergency situations


Claudia Sonder, DVM

On-Demand Rental available:

60 days

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