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Penal Code Section 597.1:
Case Studies (5/30/24)

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About the Workshop

About this 3-hour workshop:

Penal Code Section 597.1: Case Studies

As a follow up to the essential training “Penal Code 597.1 Pre and Post Seizure” which took a deep dive into the legal considerations of this code, we have assembled a panel to walk us through some actual cases involving seizures of animals. We’ll learn about the steps they took, what went well, what didn’t, and what they would change if they had to do it over again. This is a great way to really absorb the “how to” and learn from the experience of others.

Speakers include Jace Huggins, VP & Chief of Humane Law Enforcement with San Diego Humane Society, Regina Price, Lieutenant, San Diego Humane Society, Sierra Vacchio, Humane Law Enforcement, San Diego Humane Society, and Shiny Caldwell, Director of Animal Services, from Marin Humane.


Jace Huggins, Regina Price,
Sierra Vacchio, and Shiny Caldwell

On-Demand Rental available:

60 days

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