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Penal Code Section 597.1:
Pre and Post Seizure (6/23/22)

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About the Workshop

About this 3 hour workshop:

Penal Code Section 597.1 Pre and Post Seizure

Presenters: Bruce Wagman, Captain Cindy Machado, and Chief ACO Jace Huggins

Join animal law attorney Bruce Wagman, Captain Cindy Machado from Marin Humane, and Chief ACO Jace Huggins of the City of Sacramento as they navigate us through the intricacies of Penal Code 597.1. This course will point out ways this complex statute can be used to benefit animals that are the subject of seizures for cruelty and neglect. It will cover the practical application of the law in the field (both pre- and post-seizure), and the legal support for and analysis of the procedures available after seizures have taken place. The potential for pre-seizure hearings, as well as best practices for post seizure hearings, will also be discussed, along with pertinent case law.

3 hours of CE for Humane Officers, CACOs, and CAWAs


Bruce Wagman, Cindy Machado,
and Jace Huggins

On-Demand Rental available:

60 days

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