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Thanks to Maddie’s Fund (#ThankstoMaddies), CalAnimals was given the opportunity to create a program that is designed to be an all-encompassing road map for an animal welfare junior executive to build a strong foundation. The CalAnimals Emerging Leaders Program (CAELP) was designed with the next generation of animal welfare leaders in mind. By providing tools, teaching techniques to lead with compassion and providing a collaborative environment for networking, participants of CAELP will leave with a strong foundation to support their personal and professional development.


The participants will gain a foundation for their journey in Animal Welfare Executive Leadership with a focus on 6 topic areas: Lessons from a Leader, Collaborative Connections and Financial Management, Emerging Leaders: Developing Others and Professional Development, Navigating Challenges, Exceptional Executives and Cultural Humility, and Vision for the future. The program aims to support and unleash the leadership potential of each participant.

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Program Leaders

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