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Henry Brzezinski
Henry Brzezinski (former board member)


Chief/Manager, El Dorado County Animal Services
(Western Slope and South Lake Tahoe)


Henry Brzezinski's passion for animal welfare has led to a 35-year career.  Henry started his journey in South Carolina as a Humane Investigator after attending pharmacy school. He eventually became the Executive Director of a 100+-year-old Humane Society with multiple contracts for local government animal services programs and also oversaw a high-volume reduced-cost spay-neuter clinic. During his time in the South as a lobbyist, Henry drafted and attained passage of 22 state animal welfare laws.Henry was also a Field Investigator for the HSUS, Mid-Atlantic Regional office, and was involved in the first felony cockfighting bust in Pennsylvania. He has been recognized as an expert witness in several states.


One of Henry's many interests is researching and applying California animal laws to promote the welfare of animals.

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