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Stefanie Geckler


Supervisor, Nevada County Sheriff's Office


Stefanie Geckler is the Supervisor of the Animal Control Division at the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office in Nevada City, CA.   Stefanie joined the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office in 2009 after she sold her restaurant in the pursuit of a more meaningful career, which is exactly what she found! Stef’s passion for animal welfare helped guide her as she transformed her team into a highly regarded animal cruelty investigations unit, with nearly a 100% conviction rate.

Stef’s newest endeavor is the Nevada County Sheriff’s H.E.A.R.T (Humane Emergency Animal Rescue Team), of which she is the founder and president.  This team is a volunteer group run and fully supported by the Sheriff’s Office, that responds anytime a disaster is declared and animals need to be rescued.  The building of this team, with the full support of her Sheriff, has been in her heart and mind for years and to see it come to fruition has been a dream come true. 

Outside of work, Stef is married with a family of seven fur-kids that keep her filled with love and covered in hair!  They have three Chihuahuas, two cats and two adorable mini donkeys, with all of them but the donks being prior victims in her animal cruelty cases.  

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