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We are an association of California's



California Animal Welfare Association (CalAnimals) 

represents and supports California's animal care and control agencies, SPCAs, humane societies, and other animal welfare organizations.

CalAnimals -California Shelters Saving Lives

CalAnimals -California Shelters Saving Lives

Together. For the animals. For our communities.  

CalAnimals is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.
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Statewide Veterinary Shortage
Training opportunities for animal shelter staff

Free Webinars!

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Key CA laws and regulations related to shelters and animals
Bills affecting shelters and animals pending in the CA Legislature

CalAnimals News

Learn What's Happening in California


CalAnimals Officer Academy

Shelter Behavior - 5 Week Series

Furensics: Animal DNA in Criminal Investigations

Understanding Aggressive Behavior in Dogs

Venomous Snake Safety

Recognizing Bias

Puppy Scams

Veterinary Forensics: Case Studies

Forensic Photography WIN!


Interview & Interrogation


Equine Humane Case Investigations


Courtroom Testimony


and many more!


FREE WEBINARS - Vist the Online Learning Page

Sept. 28 - Animal Shelter Safety - Follow-up Q&A

Oct. 11 - Controlled Drugs and Premises Permits

Animal Shelter Safety

Outcomes Protocol for At-Risk Dogs

2023 Emerging Leaders Final Presentation

Increase Summer Adoptions & Return to Home

Preventing Burnout for Yourself and Your Team

Customer Service: It's Not About Please & Thank You

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Access to Vet Care in CA Shelters

Combating Compassion Fatigue


Vet Care in Shelters: Who can leglly do what?


 DocuPet - Key Pet Licensing Performance in CA


Reducing Return Rates Through Early Dog Training


Find Success Working with Elected Officials


Shelter Law: Community Cats

and many more!

CalAnimals is a private, 501c3 nonprofit organization.

CalAnimals reserves the right to decline, suspend, or terminate memberships.

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