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Wildfires are terrifying and often devastating for both people and their animals. The coordination of animal evacuations and the ability to offer safety and care to displaced pets and livestock is a critical function performed by animal services agencies around our state. Without such support, some people may not leave their homes, creating greater risk for residents, their pets, and the first responders trying to help.


CalAnimals plays an important role in helping agencies statewide to prepare for, and respond to, emergencies and disasters. The CalAnimals Emergency Management Committee is made up of experts from around the state that have hands-on experience managing the evacuation, care, sheltering, and reunification of animals during some of the most significant disasters that have taken place in California. These professionals serve as a critically important resource to our members in providing training for preparedness and live support during disaster response.

We are deeply grateful for our animal services agencies' efforts in keeping the people and animals safe. It is an honor to support this critically important work.

Please support this important work!

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