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Nancy McKenney
Nancy McKenney, MNPL, CAWA


CEO, Marin Humane


Nancy B. McKenney feels fortunate to have worked for a private humane society, a public animal care and control agency, an animal grant-maker, a consultant and now in her dream job at Marin Humane, which provides both humane society and animal services functions (and more!).


Nancy began a career in animal welfare and non-profit management in 1983 when she was hired as the Public Relations Coordinator for the Humane Society for Seattle/King County, a nonprofit humane society with a public boarding facility and housing contracts for the City of Renton. In 1986, the Seattle Humane Society board asked her to become the Executive Director/CEO, a position she held for 19 years.  


Nancy then had the opportunity to work for an international grant-making organization when she was appointed the first Executive Director for the Foundation in 2006. From there she was given the opportunity to experience working in the public sector attempting to turn around an embattled animal care and control agency. In 2008 she joined King County Animal Care and Control (WA) as their Community Relations Coordinator and then Interim Manager, a position she held for a little over one year.


In 2011, Nancy was recruited to Marin Humane as their CEO. Marin Humane serves a human population of over 263,000 residents and thousands of animals (including wildlife and livestock). For over 50 years, Marin Humane has contracted with the county to provide Animal Services -- 24/7 animal protection and rescue.


In addition to serving on the SHAC board, Nancy is Vice Chair for the Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership. She has also served on the following boards or committees: Washington State Federation of Animal Care & Control Agencies, Society of Animal Welfare Administrators, Elder and Adult Day Care Services (WA), Seattle University’s College of the Arts & Sciences Leadership Council and the CAWA Test Exam Committee. She has her undergraduate degree from Brown University (RI) and a Master’s Degree in Not-for-Profit Leadership from Seattle University. 

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