Baby wildlife: when to help and when to leave them alone

When Larkspur resident Jill Abelson noticed a group of 10 ducklings in the pond at her apartment complex, it brought a big smile to her face. But she and her neighbors soon became concerned when they noticed the momma duck was no longer with them. Thanks to Abelson’s call to Marin Humane, animal services officers were able to rescue the little guys and transport them safely to WildCare where they’re now safe and sound.

During spring, Marin County plays host to a variety of baby wildlife. From fawns to ducklings to baby squirrels to raccoons, these little creatures are just starting to make their way in this big world.

This also means the phone lines at Marin Humane and WildCare stay busy with calls from worried residents, so it’s a good time to be reminded about when to help, when to ask experts for help, and when to just hold back and let nature take its course.of water to survive, added Burgess.

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