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Cats learning to do tricks to help get them adopted

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — Seven cats at the Bakersfield SPCA went through Cat Pawsitive Training thanks to the Jackson Galaxy Project with

The group provided a grant to the local SPCA to teach workers how to train cats to do tricks.

"Our staff and volunteers have trained about seven different cats to high five sit, lay down, roll over, and jump through a hoop and it's all done with treats and clicker," said Chuck Nordstorm, Executive Director with the SPCA.

Some cats that are either older or shy can sometimes have a difficult time getting adopted. This program helps find those cats forever homes.

"Especially with cats who are a little standoffish or whatever, it brings them right out into the open, their personality shows," said Nordstorm.

One cat had been waiting in the shelter for a year and a half, and after the training she was adopted almost immediately.

"Let me tell you, people come in and they see a cat who can sit and they say 'I want to adopt that cat,'" said Nordstrom.

Within eight weeks, six of the seven cats were adopted.

Rosie is the last trained cat available for adoption. She knows how to sit pretty, high five, and spin around.

The SPCA plans on training more cats in the future to make a difference in helping them find a home.

SPCA: 3000 Gibson Street


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