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Haven Humane burglarized just days after helping recover stolen show dogs

REDDING, Calif. — Just days after helping in the recovery of 14 stolen show dogs in Redding, Haven Humane was burglarized. CEO of Haven Humane, Mark Storrey, said there were thousands of dollars in damages. Saturday morning, staff at the non-profit were left with no internet, phone connection, and were missing keys. All of the animals were unharmed. Storrey said businesses dropped their weekend plans to come in and get Haven Humane back up and running. "It makes us lose faith in humanity quite often but then we have people that changed their plans," Storrey said. "They didn't have to come in, Carol's Lock & Key and Com Tech Telephone and Data, they didn't have to come in but they came off the lake to help us out. When I see volunteers coming in, in the 100 degree weather to walk some dogs or I see some donor donating and helping out, you know, all those things restore our faith in humanity." Storrey said thankfully none of the donor checks were stolen. The Redding Police Department is still investigating this case.

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