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California Animal Welfare Association Announces First Group of Certified Animal Control Officers

Updated: Feb 10

Long Beach CA, September 21, 2020 – The California Animal Welfare Association (CalAnimals) is pleased to announce the launch of the state’s first Certified Animal Control Officer (CACO) program along with the inaugural group of certified officers. This program promotes and ensures a high level of professionalism in animal care and control by setting standards, minimum requirements, and ongoing educational requirements for Animal Control Officers. This will also help local agencies identify, select, and train qualified officers to enforce animal welfare laws.

Animal Control Officers serve a vital function for their communities in protecting animals, promoting public safety, investigating complaints of animal cruelty, and even responding to disasters. As fires rage throughout California, hundreds of officers are facilitating animal evacuations, rescuing animals from burn areas and caring for those left behind in evacuation zones.

“We are immensely proud of the important work carried out by our animal control officers and are pleased to recognize their training and professionalism through this new certification program,” explains Jill Tucker, CEO of CalAnimals. “When you see an ACO wearing a CACO lapel pin, you’ll know the officer is a trained professional.”

“The implementation of this new voluntary certification program is a wonderful step forward for California’s animal control officers and our whole industry,” said Marcia Mayeda, director of Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control and recently elected CalAnimals’ president.

“We are thrilled with the wonderful initial response and interest in accreditation,” reports Jan Glick, Program Manager at CalAnimals, “This high level of enthusiasm is a testament to the pride and value the officers invest in their chosen profession.”

To view CalAnimals’ current list of Certified Animal Control Officers, please visit https://www.calanimals.org/registry-ca-certified-aco.

Information about Animal Control Officers, pursuing a career in animal services, training opportunities, and how to become certified can be found on the CalAnimals website under the “officers” tab.

Interested in learning more about the California Animal Welfare Association? Visit www.calanimals.org.

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