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Jessica Castany from the San Diego City Attorney’s Office and Captain Michael Garcia of the San Diego Humane Society will take us through the basics of courtroom testimony. We will learn about preparing to testify, the importance of knowing the content of your report, and recommendations on working with the prosecutor. Courtroom decorum, including your demeanor both on and off the witness stand, appropriate dress, and how the officer will be demonstrated to be a qualified witness will be covered. Tips on testimony, common mistakes to avoid, and what you can bring with you to the witness stand will be included.

CalAnimals provides trainings throughout the year for California animal welfare professionals on a variety of topics. Our Animal Law Enforcement Training Academies, in partnership with Marin Humane, United States Service Command, and San Diego Humane Society, are the go-to training programs for animal control officers and humane officers throughout California. Additionally, we provide one-day trainings and webinars and our new on-demand CalAnimals Officer Academy.
Upcoming Trainings

**Please note: CalAnimals webinars and trainings are for informational purposes only. Please check with your own municipality, legal counsel, and/or veterinarian to determine which activities are appropriate for your agency.**

Upcoming Trainings

Bites - Scratching the Surface

Live ZOOM Workshop
Thursday, July 11, 9-11am PDT
Recording available after 7/12/24

Daniel Ettinger, CEO, Keeping it Humane


Have you ever struggled to determine if an injury was caused by a scratch or a bite? Learn to accurately identify and assess dog and cat bite injuries in this skills class for ACOs. These skills will enhance investigative procedures and enhance ability to make informed judgments and take appropriate actions to safeguard public health and welfare.

$25 Member

$35 Non-Members (Learner Profile needed)

Sponsored by:

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Understanding Aggressive Behavior in Dogs

Live ZOOM Workshop
Thursday, July 18, 9-11:00am (PDT)
Recording available 7/19/24-9/30/24

Kelley Bollen, MS, CABC


With overflowing kennels and longer lengths of stay, most shelters are seeing no shortage of behavioral challenges among dogs. The most concerning, of course, is aggression, and behavior expert Kelley Bollen  will lead this session to take a deep dive into why dogs exhibit aggressive behavior, the different types of aggression we see in dogs, and what situations can trigger aggressive behavior. She will discuss what we as shelter professionals can do to modify this serious and sometimes dangerous behavior and provide guidance on safe placement. With safety considerations for staff, volunteers, and the public, as well as  the overall implications our choices have on our ability to maintain liability insurance as an industry, having clear guidelines and pathways for dogs exhibiting aggressive behavior is critically important.

$25 Member

$35 Non-Members (Learner Profile needed)

Sponsored by:

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Chemical Immobilization Training
for California ACOs

In-Person: Newport Beach, CA
Thursday, August 1, 2024, 8am – 5:30pm

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Academy
in collaboration with CalAnimals


This training class is developed specifically for animal control officers and humane officers in the state of California pursuant to CCR 2039.5. The instructors are veterinarians and biologists who specialize in remotely-delivered anesthetic agents. This program, which has historically been considered by many to be the standard in chemical  immobilization training, is now part of San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance Academy. 

Early Registration Fee: $475  General Registration Fee: $495

8 CEs

Hosted by Newport Beach Police Department

Flyer available.


Sponsored by:

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CalAnimals Officer Academy

Virtual - On Demand - 60-80 hours
Self-paced, online instruction
Take up to 4 months to complete

Animal Welfare Industry Experts


Improved Learning Platform - 

No grading delays or Zoom issues!!

View Agenda 

Animal Control Officers and Humane Officers now have the opportunity to complete a training academy on their own time, at their own pace, without travel.

This is a web-based, on-demand course consisting of more than 60 hours of training in California state laws and animal care, specifically to meet the requirements outlined in Health and Safety Code Sec 26222 and California Corporations Code Section 14502. This academy is a collection of video trainings conducted by a variety of exceptional experts in our field, along with quizzes to help ensure that content is understood. 

This training program was designed to ensure all animal officers throughout the state of California have access to quality training and industry best practices, and support each officer’s eligibility to become certified.

The CalAnimals Certified Animal Control Officer program is our state’s only certification program for ACOs and a means of recognizing the training and professionalism of our officers and the important work they do in serving their communities.

$450 Members (staff of CalAnimals member organizations)

$500 Non-members (Learner Profile needed)

Sponsored by:

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Shelter Behavior Training Series 2024

Five Live Zoom Sessions
Thursdays, 9:30-11:00am PDT
Sept. 5 - Oct. 3, 2024
(Recordings will be available until 12/31/24)

Kelley Bollen, MS, CABC


5 Part Seminar: 

"What all animal welfare professionals should know about dog and cat behavior!"

Five Live Sessions - Thursdays 9:30-11:00am 

(recordings available the next day and through 12/31/24)

    9/5 - Resolving Common Behavior Problems to Prevent Surrender

    9/12 - Intake and Adoptions – A Behavior Perspective

    9/19 - Reading Dog and Cat Body Language

    9/26 - Reducing Stress in the Shelter Environment

    10/3 - Canine Behavior Assessments and Placement Decisions

CE Certificates -  Each session is 1.5 CEUs, totalling 7.5 CEUs

     $70 Members

     $100 Non-members (Learner Profile) must (for this series only) be a resident of California.

Sponsored by:

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Humane Law Enforcement Academy

In Person only - Check back soon for more dates

An Operational Division of Animal Rescue Shelter
& Patrol Corporation


The Humane Law Enforcement Academy is a basic animal-law enforcement training academy that meets the training requirements established in CA Corporations Code Section 14502 and Health and Safety Code Sec 26222 for humane officers and Certified Animal Control Officers.

Animal control Officers, humane officers, and private parties who wish to work in this challenging but rewarding field will learn the knowledge and skills to embark on an animal-law enforcement career or learn new skills, and techniques for professional conduct and legal compliance.

(858) 847-3143  *

Sponsored by:

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San Diego Humane Academy (Basic)

Check back for new dates

Hosted by the San Diego Humane Society


The San Diego Humane Academy is hosted virtually by Zoom. Check their website for new dates. All 80 hours of  instruction must be completed in order to receive a completion certificate.

Please note that the final decision as to whether a course satisfies the training requirements for humane officer appointment rests with the superior court charged with confirming the appointment.

Sponsored by:

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Recorded Trainings
  • Recorded Training Workshops are available for rent for 60 days from purchase date.
    Officer Academy = 4 months)

  • Individual registration is required using your Employee Sub-Account or Learner Profile (non-members).

  • CE Certificates are now available immediately after viewing the workshop and remain stored in your CalAnimals Classroom Profile.


Animal Cruelty Cases

De-Escalation & Crisis Management

Furensics: Animal DNA in Criminal Investigations

Officer Academy Basic

Pets are Big Business: Puppy Sales, Scams, and Prosecution

Search Warrant Basics

Client Mental Health, Case Studies, and Animal Hoarding

Equine Humane Case Investigations: From Corral to Courtroom

Horses, Cattle, Small Ruminant Series

PC Section 597.1:
Pre and Post Seizure (6/23/22)

Professional Handling and Capture of Dogs

Venomous Snake Safety

Courtroom Testimony

Farm Animals - Husbandry and Handling

Illegal Blood "Sports"

2.5 CEU

PC Section 597.1:
Case Studies (5/30/24)

Professional Handling and Capture of Small Animals

Veterinary Forensics & Animal Cruelty: Case Studies

Coyote Response Best Practices in an Urban Landscape

Forensic Photography: Provide Your Prosecutor Quality Photography to Accept & Win Your Case

Interview & Interrogation

Pet Shop Inspections, Traveling Animal Exhibits,
Rodeos and More

Recognizing and Understanding Bias for the Animal Welfare Professional

EA Training

Various Dates and Locations (see below)

Euthanasia Training

When necessary, shelter staff may euthanize animals if they have completed a curriculum of at least eight hours of training as specified in the Euthanasia Training Curriculum published by the California Animal Welfare Association (CalAnimals). The training must be provided by a veterinarian, RVT, or instructor certified by (CalAnimals). Class size is limited and pre-registration is required. Email the instructors for more information on scheduling a training convenient for you.

Each day is 9:00am-2:30pm

Renee's courses are currently virtual with the hands-on component scheduled after the training.

Contact Renee for location and details.


  • Online - Tuesday, June 18, 9:00-5:30 Email Kim to Register

    • with hands-on Thursday, June 20, 9:00-1:00 in Fresno

    •  with hands-on Monday, June 24, 9:00-1:00 in Novato

  • Contact Kim for more workshops in June, August and October:


Kim Lanham-Snyder, Certified Euthanasia Instructor | 

Renee Harris, Top2Cats Consulting |


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